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Roundsquare business infra pvt ltd

ROUND SQUARE BUSINESS INFRA PVT. LTD. is a new venture formed by the joint efforts of MONARCH INDIA INFRACON PVT. LTD. and SHREE TAPASVI DEVELOPERS who has an incredible experience of more than 30 years in construction. Round Square has always sturdily focused and successfully completed numerous civil contracts in infrastructural developments – low cost housing, bungalows, hotel and club buildings, hospital and school buildings, temple and mosque structures, etc. Our portfolio comprises of successful completion of large-scale industrial projects, power plants and heavy machinery foundations.


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The very foundation of Roundsquare is ‘Quality & Safety’ construction hence we have been able to achieve certification like ISO-9001, ISO-14001, ISO-18001 and more.

We have two categories of safety programs- the first is preventive program and the second is protective program.

1) Preventive Program: We provide training to construction staff at the site before execution of each task. Strict instructions are given not to begin work without protection. In case of any unexpected accident, trained supervisory staff will provide first aid and other preventive measures.
2) Protective Program: We provide enough safety accessories for protection to our construction staff, they are like follow

Safety Belts

Safety Glasses

Safety Helmets

Safety Boots

Safety Gloves

We also maintain records of emergency phone numbers and addresses of Doctors easily available at the site.
We conduct periodic safety audit to check discrepancies and resolve them for future safety. For prevention of accident, we cordon the area with alert ribbon.
Our technical staff maintain all the equipments and machineries to avoid future accident and for safety.


These awards show us that we are on the right path and encourage us to keep doing our best for our clients and employees


To become a most trusted and thus long-term engineering partner, we provide our clients with total value for the project with respect to quality, 

  • Rich Experience, Knowledge and Expertise
  • Quality of services
  • Total Solutions through Single Window Assistance
  • Consultancy for Best Construction Options
  • Focus on Long, Trustworthy and crystal clear harmonious Business relationships
  • Proper Understanding of Client’s Requirement & Needs
  • Hassle free services through strong documentation
  • Complete Transparency in business
  • Excellence in Service and Quality in implementation


This policy applies to all prospective or current employees of the company, as well as contractors and visitors.

Roundsquare is committed to environmental leadership and ensuring the sustainability of the natural environment in which it operates. The Company recognizes that protecting and maintaining the quality of the environment is an integral part of the company’s planning and construction activities. The company is committed to conducting its business in a sustainable manner, which also protects the environment of its employees, customers and the community in which it operates.

The company will strive to avoid causing adverse effects on the environment by emphasizing a proactive Environmental Management System (EMS) to continually reduce the environmental impacts of its operations. To accomplish this, we are integrating environmental principals into all our business activities. Management and staff are guided by the following environmental principals:

Leadership: Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive EMS based on the ISO 14001 Standard and our company Policy.

Compliance Requirements: Roundsquare is committed to fulfill all our compliance obligations in relation to the environment.

Waste Minimization: Ensuring that up to date recycling and waste reduction is researched and implemented through practical steps to control and minimize disposal of solid waste to landfill arising from our operations. Ensuring efficient and sustainable usage of resources such as electricity, gas, oil and water at head office and at construction sites. We will endeavor to control and manage our energy consumption and create employee awareness of the need to be energy efficient and ensuring commitment to preventing pollution while carrying out works.

Aspects and Life Cycle: All Aspects, both direct and indirect are to be risk assessed in order to determine each aspects level of significance on the environment, spill prevention and control measures, and appropriate procedures to minimize the risk to the environment or company. Prevention of pollution will involve initial and continual assessment and monitoring of our planned/new activities at construction sites.
A life cycle perspective includes consideration of the environmental aspects of an organization’s activities, products and services that it can control or influence.

Environmental Management: Promoting continuous improvement by setting, monitoring and reviewing our environmental targets and objectives.

Awareness and Training: Continuous training of staff members in all environment related issues. Environment protection is everybody’s responsibility and thus the company will ensure that all employees and sub contractors have knowledge of and the resources to implement the principles of this policy.

It is the policy of this company Roundsquare to comply with the Safety, health and Welfare at Work Act, Construction Regulations & Working at Heights Regulations. To ensure as far as reasonably practicable the safety, health and welfare of all employees whilst at work, and to provide such information and training/supervision to serve this purpose.

It is the policy of this company to protect, so far as is reasonably practicable, persons not employed by this company who may be affected by our activities. All employees have a “Duty of Care’ also under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act. Thus placing the responsibility to co-operate with management to achieve a safe and healthy workplace and to take reasonable care of themselves and others and observe safe working practices.

It is policy of this company to consult all staff and employees on matters of safety, health and welfare and employees are hereby notified of company policy and are encouraged to comply with their duties under the Safety, health and welfare at Work Act by notifying the company management of identified hazards in the workplace and as such strive to eliminate any foreseeable hazards which may result in personal injuries, ill health, fires, security losses and /or damage to property, in line with our Safety Management System.

Roundsquare are committed to continual improvement of our Health and Safety performance, policy and procedures, through periodic review and monitoring with regular audits to ensure that they remain relevant and appropriate to the organization.

The success of the policy will depend on your co-operation. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that you read and fully understand your role whether you are management, Staff, contractor or visitor, the overall arrangements made for safety, health and welfare at Roundsquare

Roundsquare recognizes that alcohol, drugs or other substance abuse by individuals can have an adverse effect on their ability to perform work and consequently put themselves, the company and others at significant risk.

All employees, contractors and visitors must be able to perform their duties whilst on company business, or when they are in company premises/work areas in such a manner that will not affect their safety of others by acts or comissions.

It is duty of all employees to comply with the Safety Health and Welfare at Work Act. So far as to ensure they are not under the influence of any intoxicant to extent that he or she is in such a state as to endanger his or her own safety health and welfare at work or that of any other person.

We also trust our employees to show concern for other co-workers and in doing, so are encouraged to report anyone who they think may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work.

If the company has reasonable grounds to suspect that an employee or contractor is under the influence of alcohol or drugs (illegal or misused legal substances), disciplinary action will taken which may lead to dismissal of the individual concerned.

The possession, distribution or sale of drugs or any associated materials whilst you are on company property; company owned vehicles or other off site locations will lead to disciplinary action be taken.

The objective of Monarch India Infracon Pvt. Ltd. is to continue to lead the way as one of the most prestigious organisations whithin the Indian construction industry – retain and improve our long-standing reputation, continuously reviewing, measuring and assessing company performance and maintaining customer focus and client satisfaction while understanding the needs and expectations of all interested parties.

The Directors and Senior Management whose responsibility it is to review, improve and measure the Quality Management System(QMS) on an ongoing basis and is committed to meeting all applicable requirements when implementing the Quality Management System (QMS) certified to ISO 9001 accreditation.

To establish objectives and targets that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) and reviewed at Management Review Meetings annually.

We Foster a quality culture by developing quality awareness throughout the organisatlon and encouraging a management attitude that anticipates potential quality issues .we empower all personnel with the necessary competences and tools in order to consistently fulfil policies. principles and standards. We continuously improve by challenging ourselves. we involve all employees to strive to achieve zero defects and maintain consumer trust.

It is the company’s policy to make sure all employees are aware of the company quality policy by regular quality induction, training and presence on noticeboards. The QA manager is required to maintain the control and issue of this document and report to the managing director on the implementation of its requirements, recommendations and effectiveness.